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In this NEWS there are many short stories that reflect visions. Jesus saw the potential – “the harvest is plentiful!” And, where his Spirit is present – there are visions.     
Visions inspire. I recall attending a Baptist conference in Brisbane in the early 90’s (Tony Campolo was the speaker) where plans were being cultivated to plant hundreds of new churches across Australia. I was reminded again that God sees a bigger picture. The vision of the Shalom Project (in the late 1990’s) led to the planting of over 60 new Adventist groups, prayer houses and worship centers across Israel. The vision of Adventism a planting movement in Europe led to equipping, empowering and releasing of hundreds of people across Europe over the last 10 years to reach postmoderns with the gospel. And, although the beginnings were tentative (with some skepticism about the possibility of 20 new churches) – the Lights across London vision may see 35 new Adventist churches planted in London in 5 years!    
Visions challenge. Some of my Papua New Guinean friends will recall the vision of planting new churches across Port Moresby – and 14 new Adventist churches were planted in 4 years (1974-1977). The vision was not fully realized – for we could see hundreds of Adventist churches planted in that city (and that has not yet happened)! And I recall my response when I read of the vision of the Anglicans in Sydney, Australia to plant and refocus churches “to see 10% of Sydney-siders (that’s 450,000 people) involved in Bible based churches in the next 10 years.” (John Bellamy & K Castle’s NCLS Research, Oct 03 – p. 10.) That’s a challenge!    
Visions disturb. Glenn Townend has a vision of the Adventist church in Western Australia being renewed as a movement of God’s Spirit – a planting movement! Steve Addison is a catalyst for growing group of Aussies (Australians) who are being disturbed by a growing vision to see 1,000 new Aussie churches planted. (See ) Visions disturb – because they are portray a future that is a lot bigger than our resources or abilities. But that the Holy Spirit’s problem!    
What vision has the Holy Spirit given you? What future does God want for lost people in your community (or country)?  
Be filled with the Spirit,
Peter Roennfeldt  
In this NEWS …
·        Summer Opportunities for re:vive mob!
·        Unchurched Help with Kid’s Ministries!
·        CAYA – a church for teens by teens!
·        Church Planting for African Migrants
·        Church Plants are built on Relationships!
·        Swedish Church Plants Celebrate Diversity!
·        TRACK Church Plant – small groups & Community Birthday Parties!
·        Join Community Events – rather than conducting them!
·        Food for the Body – Food for the Soul
·        Living Waters participates in Caroline Springs Community Celebration!
·        TRACKidZ Paint Faces for Jesus!
·        Support for Western Australian Plants – with EMPOWER!
·       Lessons from Jigalong: Do you know your gatekeepers?  
Summer Opportunities for re:vive mob! “Wow! We are having such a great summer here!” writes Fiona Selvage (and the ever growing re:vive mob from Grantham, England). Summer is giving many opportunities for picnics, BBQ’s – “and just hanging out at parks etc with our friends.” 15 community children are coming to re:vive kids – and the kids are learning to pray. “They speak to God about even the tiniest aspect of their lives because they know He will be interested whereas sometimes as adults we grow out of that and think that He is not bothered,” observes Fiona. “These children could be the future leaders of re:vive – Wow!”  
Unchurched Help with Kid’s Ministries! In Fremantle (Western Australia) Brad Flynn and his creative church planting team are reaching out to the children and youth in their area. Their contact with the kids is leading to connecting with families and unchurched people are helping with the kid’s program. Phil Brown says, “At this stage it is a ministry that will plant churches in the future!” 
CAYA – a church for teens by teens! CAYA means “come as you are.” It is a new church plant at Stanborough School (England) – a boarding school where the majority of students have no church background and traditional church just wouldn't work for them – and where perceived dress codes and teaching styles turn into barriers rather than blessings. CAYA strives to apply the words of the apostle Paul, “Christ sent me to tell the good news without using big words that would make the cross of Christ lose its power." (1 Corinthians 1:17 CEV) The program varies each time – but always starts with a meal (which is free of charge for any visitor). The message is presented through a dramatic monologue, a sketch or a group activity. “Some young people, who normally dislike attending church, are now inviting friends to come to CAYA.”  
Church Planting for African Migrants: Tatien Nduwimana – who has moved from Africa to Perth (Western Australia) – has a burden to share faith with his fellow migrants. With the support of the Morley church pastor, John Horvath, Tatien and his team are seeking to build 3-6 home groups in the Mirrabooka area. Already more than 30 African migrants meet in worship each week. 
Church Plants are built on Relationships! Steve Goods and his Lansdale church planting team (in Western Australia) are building relationships with the families and kids in their community through activities in the local school. Calvin Sheldrick has 10-11 kids coming to lunch time Bible studies and has visited in many of the homes. The children are from many cultural and religious backgrounds. 
Swedish Church Plants Celebrate Diversity! The two Stockholm church plants, SALT and X-Seed International, celebrated Sweden’s national day by promoting ‘unity in diversity.’ “Sweden has its share of racist issues and the broad spectrum of ethnicity found in the Adventist churches in Stockholm was a great backdrop,” reports Karin Wieczorek. “It was a day to celebrate the many cultures found in Sweden and in our churches.” Unchurched friends (and other Adventist churches) joined in the activities – films for kids, a mini-expo, a barbecue, face painting (depicting national flags!), a kids adventure game, music performances, an international food fair, and the sale of second hand (with all proceeds going to ADRA). 
TRACK Church Plant – small groups & Community Birthday Parties! TRACK church planter Chimwemwe Nuka (Bradford, England) reports that more and more friends are getting involved in their small group meetings, Sunday cycling club and birthday parties. “We had more than 45 community people come to honor 4 community couples for the birth of their new babies – and 6 of those people now want to get involved with TRACK (including one of the couples)” says Chimwemwe. 
Join Community Events – rather than conducting them! One couple from the Lansdale planting team joined a cooking program in the community rather than running it themselves.  
Food for the Body – Food for the Soul: The Lansdale team (Western Australia) is also exploring the possibility of a café, perhaps called Café 7 – “food for the body, food for the Soul.” Enquiries by one team member indicated they needed at least $50,000 to be regarded as a serious tenant for a potential shop site. By the next day they were given $50,000! There are still hurdles to be overcome – but doors may be opening. 
Living Waters participates in Caroline Springs Community Celebration! Following their worship time, a team from Living Waters joined in the local community fun day – and gave away balloon animals and ‘show-bags’ (with gift fruit bars from the Sanitarium Health Food Company, DVDs, a gospel of Mark, etc) – and generally had a great time mixing with people. Networks were built with leaders and others committed to building community. 
TRACKidZ Paint Faces for Jesus! “Sunday (18 June) wasn’t just another day,” says planter Chimwemwe Nuka in Bradford, England. “It was time for the TRACKidZ (children from TRACK’s children’s church/club) to have a make over!” The kids went out to paint the faces of young people and adults at the Mela festival – England’s first biggest park festival. Earlier in the week 8 new children turned up to train and join the team. “The children enjoyed it and got themselves on the map as a community for other children in the area!” says Chimwemwe. “Pray for this children’s church/club as it makes contacts with more and more other children.” 
Support for Western Australian Plants – with EMPOWER! With eight planting teams having attending the church planting school in Western Australia – conference planting coordinator, Phil Brown, has organized regular EMPOWER meetings to provide inspiration, encouragement and updates. (The next meetings will be held on Aug 12 and Oct 21 from 4.00pm to 7.30pm at the North Perth Church facility.) 
Lessons from Jigalong: Do you know your gatekeepers? Glenn Townend (leader of the Adventist church in Western Australia – and a committed church planting leader) recently spent a week (with a team of friends) in Jigalong conducting evangelistic meetings. Glenn reports that “God blessed and our attendances grew.” However, there was a greater lesson. Glenn explains, “Jigalong is a closed alcohol free aboriginal community. The Adventist church is the only church in the town and this by invitation of the local aboriginal elders and lawmen. These people have the final say on who will visit the community, who will work there and they give their blessing or not on anything that happens in the community. These men are the gatekeepers of their community. They are the people that know most people and they influence all the decisions even if not elected to the local council.
     “Because of Eric Davey's (for many years the director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries) long association with these elders the rest of the team were welcomed and respected.  Eric has worked well with these elders over the years and has built up much trust. One day we had a meal with all those who wished to attend – and most did. We thanked them for the privilege of serving their people and asked how we could best serve them now and in the future. It was an amazing meeting. They opened up their deepest concerns and shared their own future directions and needs. God blessed the meeting and many of the elders attended the evangelistic meetings and had special prayer to invite the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to them in a special way. It was so special.
     “It got me thinking. We usually have enough to do with visits, Bible studies, training and the like in our days – but how are we impacting the gatekeepers of our communities? Who are they? Local area politicians, school principals, priests, politicians, lawyers, key business people, etc. What are we doing to get to know them and work along side them in bettering our communities?  Do we let them know what we are doing with a letter or phone call or email?  Do they know who we are?  If we want more impact for the mission of God we need to contact the gatekeepers.”

TRACK and the Lighthouse are hosting a Gospel Concert in Bradford (England) on Saturday, September 9, 2006 (6.30-9.00 pm) at the Abundant Life Conference Centre, Wapping Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 0EQ, England. For tickets – call 01274 728669.

Peter Roennfeldt


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