Rosemary Lethbridge is researching (at the desk, on foot and in prayer) in preparation to plant a new church for the “indigenous majority population” (IMPS) in Greater Southampton, England. “IMPS are at the far left of the Engel's scale and Southampton is among the most affluent areas of the UK – so God has a real challenge on His hands,” Rosemary says – who sees evidence that God has called her to the area and that the new plant will be called The Watering Hole. The scriptural mandate is based on John 4. “We are looking for a shop on the high street that will be turned into a café,” Rosemary continues. “The café will be THE place to hang out.” It will also be used for seminars, clubs and meetings that will help people get more out of life – and worship opportunities. “People will come to The Watering Hole seeking a snack or lunch but by the Holy Spirit's power will get more than ‘a cup of’ just like the Samaritan woman got more than water from the well.” The plan is that the café will also partner with other agencies that have a similar ethos – groups such as age concern, cancer support groups, etc. Rosemary is excited and encouraged by the support she is receiving from church leaders and the local Southampton Adventist church.

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