Znojmo Cafe Port

The combination of a very public place for their worship and community activities, in Cafe Port – close to the centre of historic Znojmo, a up-to-date website – with information and podcasts provided in an attractive and accessible form, and proactive networking and witness – is resulting in a growing witness to the gospel across… Continue reading

Discipling Groups of 3

A number of small groups of 3-4 meet regularly in the Bairnsdale (VIC Australia) area in cafes and homes. They are finding this is a great way to encourage discipleship practises such as daily Bible reading and prayer. One group of three share scriptural insights, thoughts and prayer requests on facebook and catch up once… Continue reading

Church Planting Family!

Four years ago Jan, Jarka and their family moved into Cedlcany – a small rural Czech town, to plant a new church. Jan provided soccer coaching for boys, guitar and singing lessons, and organized town social events and camps. Jarka taught various crafts – ceramics, pottery, art. When the numbers of children and teens participating… Continue reading

Matthew Parties

The first Matthew Party was thrown by Levi Matthew, a tax collector whom Jesus called to follow him. The story is given in Luke 6:27-32 – and also Matthew 9:9-13 and Mark 2:14-17. When Levi followed Jesus he ‘held a great banquet for Jesus at his house’ – inviting a large crowd considered disreputable by… Continue reading